Organic Mulberry Tea, Jiaogulan, Spirulina

T-Herbals offers an exclusive selection of organic herbs
premium quality, presented in loose leaves, powder or veggie capsules.
Harvested organically in Thailand, in collaboration with villages
of the province of Chiangmai.

Our selected herbs are known for their powerful adaptogenic and antioxidant properties.
They provide energy to your body, balance and enhance its natural defenses.

- Mulberry leaves tea, rich in antioxidants, natural sugar banlancer, is a great support for weight loss and in case of too much cholesterol and diabetis.

- Jiaogulan leaves tea, rich in antioxidants to regulate energy and your natural defenses.

- Amalaki to clean the digestive system ( liver and kidney). Very rich in vitamin C.

- Mangosteen is rich in xanthones , powerful anti-inflammatory.

- Moringa to provide energy and endurance. Very good synergy with Jiaogulan.

- Noni rich in antioxidant vitamins and strong , and to regulate sleep.

- Papaya leaves supports the digestive system, great synergy with mulberry for weight loss program.

- Spirulina highly rich in proteins, great food supplement.

Mulberry tea leaves 125g 15,50€
Freeze-dried Mulberry powder 100g: 20€
60 veggie caspules of papaya leaves 400mg: 16€
60 veggie capsules mangosteen 400 mg: 16€
250g of jiaogulan tea leaves: 32€
60 veggie capsules jiaogulan 400 mg: 16€
papaya leaves, jiaogulan plantation, amalaki fruits, mulberry leaves

The keys to our success and motivation:

  • All our herbs are harvested at maturity, at the peak of their effectiveness at very specific times of the year.
  • We work with and support the hill tribes and farmers.
  •  We use a specific compost as a fertilizer, 100 % organic.

  • Guaranteed without chemicals, pesticides, nor colorant.

  • We support caritative activities in the Northern Thailand.
    By choosing our products, you are an active direct participant in supporting the farmers and these charities. A list of those charities is given in our rubric "about us".
  • Certificates the Ministry of Health Thailand GMP (Good Manufactured Products ), FDA (Food and Drugs Administration).

Created by Christine O.